Free Pentagram Screensaver, Free Pentacle Screensaver.

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Free Pentagram Screensaver

Free Pentacle Screensaver

Free Pentagram Screensaver
with sound (can be switched off and on)
(Pentacle Screensaver)
protection sign
welcome to the Pentagram Screensaver.
(pentacle screensaver)

Pentagram (pentacle) protection sign against
demon and evil
The pentagram (pentacle) is a long time believed protection sign against evil, a symbol that will shields the wearer and the home.

The screensaver is free
copy paste this activation code.


38.2 MB
System requirements
Windows 98/ME/200O/XP/Vista/Windows7/8
Computer should have more than700HZ processor
otherwise the film can be jerky
(if you are not sure, just test it)

The screensaver is free, you get the activation in our shop for free.


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