Free London Screensaver with Big Ben chime - animated Screensaver with sound..

Free London Screensaver

with the Big Ben quarter hour chime
animated Screensaver, with sound - free .

Free London Screensaver with Big Ben 1.0
welcome to London Screensaver with Big Ben website.
The London Screensaver with Big Ben,
with sound, the quarter hour chime of Big Ben.
Perfect for your office, home or shop. You will here the quarter chime sound of Big Ben every 5 minutes while the London Screensaver is running on your desktop.
Fits on all monitor sizes looks best on wide screen Monitors.
The screensaver is FREE activation code

Easy to install and uninstall. For all Wíndows PC.

Free London Screensaver with Big Ben video preview below,
click on HD th watch it in HD.

System requirements
Windows 98/ME/200O/XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8

activation code
Big Ben
Big Ben is the nickname of the great bell in the clock of the Palace of Westminster in London.
The tower is now officially called the Elizabeth Tower, renamed in 2012 (from "Clock Tower") 
to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.
It is the largest four-faced chiming clock in the world and the third-tallest free-standing clock tower. The tower,
completed in 1858 had its 150th anniversary on 31 May 2009.
The Big Ben tower is one of the most prominent symbols in London and England. 

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